Harley D - Harley Davidson Rental Cape Town


Helmet Law

South Africa does have a helmet law and legally you are required to wear a helmet. Cruising South Africa is much more comfortable with an open face helmet with either a visor or a good pair of glasses.


The nationwide speed limit is 120 km/h (75 mph) unless indicated otherwise. In towns and cities the speed limit is 60km/h (37 mph).


Fuel in South Africa easily meets international standards. When riding in the rural areas it is important to always check your fuel level and fill up before you reach one third.

We recommend LRP 95, leaded petrol.


Always use a sun-blocker when riding with short sleeves and for your face. Please be aware that 'our' sun can be up to 14 (fourteen!!!) times as intense as in northern Europe and America.


Always be aware that animals can have access to roads: ostrich, horses, baboons etc. Please be aware!!! And always have your camera ready!


Always have a bottle of water in your saddle bag in case you have an unplanned stop next to the side of the road.

Time to ride

South Africa offers all year riding weather. Rainfall period is during the months of July and August. Depending on your travel period the daytime temperature in the Cape will vary from 15°C in winter (July) to over 30°C in summer (December, January). First whales - Southern Rights with a weight up to 80 tons each are in July. The calves are born there from mid August onwards. The whales begin their swim-back to the Antarctic region between end November and mid December.